Saturday, 23 April 2011

Puppet Show

After the seven deadly sins project I thought 'woop yeah no more 3D!' then however they sprang a puppet project on us! I was excited at first but then struggled with how I was going to execute my ideas into a 3D puppet! The theme was 'social stereotypes' so I focused on the idea of a damsel in distress but with a twist as I focused on the problem women have with growing old gracefully without the use of plastic surgery. So my lady 'Barbara' is an older lady who dresses like a teen, and has massive fish lips from plastic surgery and a bottle of wine to drown her sorrows with. Then for her husband 'Trevor' I focused on the idea of a couch potato with the beer belly string vest and a chocolate bar in hand! The child 'Toby' they have is a boarding school stereotypical 'bad boy'. Like a more modern 'Just William'.
I made them all out of thick card and painted them all with acrylic.

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