Wednesday, 20 June 2012

EastEnd-Nerd Part 2

So I was going to do a Phil Mitchell character but it turns out his bald head is hard to draw without making him look too much like Dr Evil! I may give it another bash another day but for now here is good old Dot Cotton instead :) Enjoy!

Thursday, 14 June 2012


EastEnders is kind of my guilty pleasure, I always enjoy taking that half hour break to watch it! Having just finished uni FOREVER (arghh!) I thought between a couple of projects I'm doing I'd have some fun drawing out some classic Enders characters. Next installant will be good old baddie Phill Mitchell....keep an eye out!

Fear and Loathing Follow up

Thought I would do a follow up on how the Cult Cinema Fear and Loathing night went! These photos where taken by  Thomas Arran-Photographer ( It was a fantastic night with a great turn out and I sold quite a lot of my prints which is always a bonus! Prints of my poster and James Fenwick's poster are still available at if anyone's interested.