Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Indian Illustration

Found this in a Vintage shop the other day and I absolutely love it! (My partner's not such a fan) It now sits pride of place on the wall next to my desk. I still need to find out more about it but so far I know it's opaque watercolours and gold on cloth done in the traditional Indian folk tale style.


Finally graduated! Here's me and James who's looking kinda awkward! I think James has got some new bits up since I last posted his blog so here's a small plug for James http://jamesfenwickill.blogspot.co.uk/ :)

Die Antwoord

Been having some fun and decided I would do a Die Antwoord poster. I think they are pretty cool a quirky and should definitely give them a listen!!

Cult Cinema Drive Poster

It happened awhile ago now this Cult cinema but I have been naughty and haven't blogged since August! So here at last is my Drive poster. You can buy it here http://cultcinemasunday.bigcartel.com/product/drive-print-by-vicky-green