Monday, 15 September 2014

Hull Fishermen

So today I have finally finished my fishermen! I've wanted to do an illustration to do with Hull's history for a bit now, so I did a bit of research by going to the maritime museum and looking at some pretty cool black and white images of Trawlermen.
I am going to be doing some fishwives/lasses next to accompany my trawlermen, so keep an eye out!
I've done a little process image too but because I am often too eager to ink I forgot to scan my pencil version! I will be better organised next time.

Monday, 8 September 2014

The Vikings

Just finished this piece this week. I've been going on about drawing some Vikings for ages, and I've finally done it!
I think having worked in primary schools for the past year and seeing 'Horrible History' books I've got a renewed love for figures from history.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Feeling slightly daunted this week after coming back from my holidays at the weekend! Summer has now ended, schools are back, weathers getting colder and supermarkets will no doubt start putting out Christmas decorations soon!
On a more positive note though I spent two weeks chilling on the Isle of Wight which gave me time to decide what to do with myself for the next year!

If you want a classic British summer hol then the Isle of Wight is definitely the place to go. There's dinosaur hunting, shell hunting, long walks, lots of beach fun (even when it rains). And if you get down for August bank holiday all the old and new Mods are down with their Vespas and Lambrettas for the scooter rally!

Thursday, 31 July 2014


So I have organised my desk, I have bought an amazing new computer to do some illustration...
I have some good ideas in the pipeline I just need to start on them, like my mum always says 'stop talking about them and start doing them!' 

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Illustrative Arts Exhibition

I am part of an illustration show this coming Friday in the old T K Maxx shop at the bottom of Princess Quay. How exciting you say? Heck yeah it is!
It's going to be really cool having so many talented illustrators, painters, and designers all in one place, nothing of this scale happens very often in Hull.

Some of the people showing are:

Gareth Sleightholme
Dominic Li
James Fenwick


I did this flyer for Hull Samba to promote getting people to join in on a Tuesday night. I decided, because Samba originates from Brazil, all the animals would be from Brazil too. So here is my own crazy Brazilian animal Samba band!

I had a fantastic time recently being a part of the Liverpool Bazilica weekend. Hull Samba played in a massive conga line around Liverpool with other samba bands and carnival floats from different parts the UK for 2 hours! Incredible.

MR. Bo-Jangles

This is Mr. Bo-Jangles the most bad-ass cat in town.
Last year my beloved, stinky, often quite stupid, but totally cool cat Reggie died :( I was totally devastated as he was the first proper pet me and James have ever had (excluding Nebula the impulse bought hamster).
So this image is in loving memory of Reggie the original Mr. Bo-Jangles.