Monday, 18 May 2015

New Business Cards and Assemble Fest

I'm painting this weekend (23rd May) at Assemble Fest down Newland avenue, so decided it was time to get some new cards just incase. I love getting new business cards, it's like a mini portfolio in my pocket!

I will be painting at the corner of Lambert Street near the new ice cream shop from about 11am till 4/5pm (I hope there's some free ice-cream tasters floating around that day ;) ) 

I haven't painted at a live event for awhile so I hope I'm not too rusty and I hope there are lots of people out and about to support the event.

Check out more about the different acts and events at

Toxic Avenger!

So I'm slowly but surely starting to get on a role with some new work!
I made this, this week as a little 'Get Well Soon' card to myself! Had a bit of a poorly week and who better then the Toxic Avenger to cheer people up.

It got me thinking about some other ideas for card designs, so keep tuned! :)