Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Seperated at birth?

James Fenwick and Jame McAvoy ... NO WAY!

OZ Magazine!

Wow time warp! Found a well good controversial magazine from the 60s (most people probably arlready know about it but hey i'm getting there! Gunna investigate into this mag somemore, it has some mega gruesome-ly nice covers :) very psychodelic!

Moby - Ooh yeah

Saw this the other day on the music channel! Its a very chilled out tune by Moby but this video has a right 70s porno theme to it! its ace!

Impregnation of the Swan

New image I'm going to colour in Photoshop tonight hopefully, depends how long i can be bothered to stare at the computer screen for before i feel my brain cells meeeeeelttttingggg!

Heres the Black and White imageee for youuu I called it 'impregnation of the swan' the name came to me as i was drawing it out...i dont know why though but it stuck!
I'm kinda going back a bit to incoporate some of my old style with my new, this is first attempt hopefully i'll get a bit more imaginative over the next few days!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Little Paper Planes

Nice little website with some pretty neat designs, zines, clothes and prints...


Check it out.

Kick Back

To the seventies! Got some boots i want to show you all, i got them a few years ago from a charity show but they are sooo cool!

Havn't yet warn them out, just around my room pretending to be ace!

I fear if i ever went out in these ...i would break my ankles!

Pretty A-mazing!

Again in my delve into fashion tonight, i came across one of Lady Gaga's fashion designers (who has only recently passed away) Mr Alexander Macqueen.

His work is just incredible... heres a few i enjoyed looking at ...

ahh what it would be like to be sooo talented!

Pants to that!

I came up with the idea today that it'd be quite cool to start inventing some cool lingerie designs as part of my work, kinda step into the whole fashion scene (only tipy-toe into it though). So with my new plan i embarked upon browsing the web at current lingerie designs and OH MY WORD i did not realise how many cool under garment ideas have already been produced!

There is a competition called the 'Triumph International' which is held by a massive german underwear company. Looking through some of the entries is eye poping...

These where just a few i've managed to get through and liked but there was hundreds more! Alot of the designers used nature and organic as their influnces which just goes to show you can get inspired by anything if you look closer at things.

Another designer i thought was fantastic was Jo Lynch with her...

...label. She's inspired by Nick Cave songs and other musicians such as Siouxsie and the Banshees, she creates really dark yet beautifully garments.

I love it when really day to day things like underwear can have a maccabre undertone!


Well as you can see i really don't have any consitancy with upkeeping my blog! To be fair the reason is because it's all so new to me and there's still so many buttons i that I don't know how to use and lots of parts i still cant work out!

However I intend to start trying harder!

Especially because i keep finding new information and people online that i'm like 'oh my god i must remember this site...' then a week later i have forgotten and i don't trust my 'favorites' bar i think it's hiding some of the sites i saved....hmm.

Well heres to a 'continual' blog ...

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Well having lost my previous work completly for this Kings and Queens poster comp, i learnt that backing work up is essential! However loosing my work made me start again and produce a better compostion. I've gone for a more Victorian style picture frame idea and i love it! Here's my finished peice....

As you can see i'm becoming more colour aware too, havn't gone quite as crazy on the primary colours!