Monday, 22 November 2010

Seven Deadly Sins Continued....

Just a some proper photographs taken of my seven deadly sins project and they look amazing. I toyed around with shadow more and got some really great high contrast pics, here they are....


I have recently designed a piece for Tone which is a small magazine that gives people a chance to show their work and advertise themselves. The theme was 'character' so i designed a piece called 'Batman- the later years'. As you can see it's a more humorous take on batman, and not as dark as some of my usual pieces! I am trying to direct my work towards a more pleasant style.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Self Portrait

Well I have been working on a project called connect>create and I have finaly finished my piece.

It is a self portrait with a surreal retro twist. I used inspiration from Peter Blake's pop art work, combining what i like from day to day (which is pretty much what every other young woman likes, jewellry, reading, a good cuppa tea, having a drink, listening to music, reading, texting and drawing) I feel having produced it on photoshop adds more to the idea of it being a modern self portrait. Well see what you think...
I'm still not entirely happy with it but its always a piece i can come back to when i get a spurt of creativness!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Again a recent thing i have done is another mural for a secondary school.

This mural was based on renewable energy, the teacher wanted windturbines and solar panels incorporated in the piece. The piece was needed for the opening of the Renewable Energy Learning Centre there.
It was so hard to get a good picture because of the width of the corridor but never mind!

Seven Deadly Sins

Well most recently at college i have been working on a project called the seven deadly sins. The aim of the project was to produce a set of 7 3D pieces!
I had so many ideas for this one from tunnel books to adjusting underwear to each sin but i decided upon creating 7 boxes. These weren't just plain old boxes though, for each Box i created a character that was a hybrid of that sin's punishment, colour, animal and the human. I produced some really crazy creatures, I was very happy with my outcome. Cutting out my characters with a scalpel was a right pain but worth it.....



Punishment- Put in Freezing Water

Colour- Green

Punishment- Forced to eat rats, toads and snakes
Colour- Orange

Animal- Goat
Punishment-Thrown in Snake Pits
Colour- Light Blue

Punishment-Dissmembered alive
Colour- Red

Animal- Horse
Punisment- Broken on the Wheel
Colour- Purple

Animal- Cow
Punishment- Smothered in fire and Brimstone
Colour- Blue

Animal- Toad
Punishment- Put in Couldrons of boiling oil
Colour- Yellow

Monday, 1 November 2010

Sketch Book

Well i'm just getting round to properly scanning in and editing my sketchbook pieces so they look good and i can put them online! It took ages my scanners pants! But i'm so happy now i've got them done! Just uploaded them into projects on my word it was more complex then i thought, i've got the hang of it now though. Heres a peak at my pieces...