Saturday, 30 April 2011


I am soooo excited! Psychoville starts again on BBC 2 next Thursday, if you haven't seen the first series you should definitely get hold of them and watch them! If you liked the league of gentleman you will absolutely love this. Heres a few images from the new series and the old series.
Poster for the second series just above. (Even the poster is exciting!)
The majority of the cast at the end of the second series.
The Crabtree Twins from the first series.

Maureen and David who are mother and son but they have a very strange relationship and also like going around murdering people! They are in the first series and will be in the second series too. David even has a site on his morbid fascination with serial killers.

Joy who has a doll that she thinks is a real baby! She is crazy and Dawn French plays the part very well! Joy even has her own website on child care.

Mr Lomax is an old man who has an obsession over collecting cuddly toys, to point that he gave his eyes to the Crabtree twins for a cuddly toy. He calls the toys his 'commodities' and he has a website too

My Jolly and My Jelly are arch enemies because Mr Jolly who is the nicer and cleaner looking clown is the reason why Mr Jelly lost his hand and can't get any work. Both of them are always mixed up at birthday parties. My Jelly has his own website for his children's parties And Mr Jolly also has a website

And these are some sketches by David Sheersmith creating the characters. I thought I'd add these in because its amazing to look at these and then see the characters, from small drawings fantastic and surreal people have been created!

Anyhow thought I would share this because with you all because it's just one of the best dark comedy series i have ever seen! The main website is

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