Friday, 10 August 2012

Untold Method

Untold Method is a bi-monthly on-line magazine, that features creative writing, artwork and an independent graphic novel called Philistone. I have recently done a piece for Untold Method's Philistone series as you can see above.
The synopsis of the graphic novel is: 

'Philistone is about Jack Titor who is a fuck-up.
He's heading towards middle-age, leaving nothing but a trail of missed opportunities, regrets and a life half lived. Until one day he see's a mysterious advert online, promising fresh new experiences, lifelong change and adventure.
When Jack replies to the ad he is fitted with a philistone implant. The implant begins to blur the lines between his inner world and the world outside. His dreams come to life on city streets, he meets gods in pubs and devils in back-alleys. Haunted by memories, beliefs and nightmares he is forced on a psychedelic journey through his own mind, that will strip away everything he is, never knowing if at the end of it he'll find madness or revelation.'

If you want to see the graphic novel which features lots of amazing art work from other illustrators check it out at Enjoy!

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