Monday, 5 September 2011

The Great Bear

The Great Bear! August 22-Sept 21

'Pragmatic and methodical the bear is the one to call when a steady hand is needed. The Bear's practicality and level-headedness makes him/her an excellent business partner. The Bear is also gifted with an enormous heart, and a penchant for generosity. However, one might not know it as the Bear tends to be very modest, and a bit shy. Further, the Bear has a capacity for patience and temperance, which makes him/her excellent teachers and mentors. Left to his'her own devices the Bear can be sceptical, sloth, small-minded and reclusive.'

I've been checking out symbols and zodiacs that animals represent in different countries as part of my summer project, the Bear is part of Native American Animal symbolism. I've tried to create an illustration of the Bear here in my own style. The Native Americans consider Bears to be very similar to humans so I've made my Bear very humanistic.
If you want to see more on Native American symbols this is the website I looked at

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